Box & Oracle: Shamanic Healing with Roses and Flowers

This box is in French and English

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I am convinced that flowers have a very high consciousness and a luminous Presence ... so close to the stars. With their generosity, their vibrations of love and light, they lift us up, transport us to our Essence; they remind us of our Cosmic origins…

I was born in a small town named "the city of Roses", and since my childhood I wondered about my birth: why I landed on Earth in this place precisely! I could have been born, for example, in the province of Hokkaido in Japan, perhaps in a small village in the north of Ireland?
But today that I publish this oracle, my arrival on Earth, precisely in this city of Roses, takes even more meaning ... It is in this city that I connected to roses and I awoke my love for them ...
So I share with you through this oracle, this love I have for the Kingdom of Plants, and more particularly for flowers and roses, hoping with all my heart that it will be a healing tool and that it will bring harmony where it will be around the world.

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What they say about it

"I finally took the time to get in touch with the box; I love it! The box, the cards, the book and then, after watching the opening ceremony video, I took the dimension of the heart that you put to choose and offer us the small potions and this little mat;

Your way of presenting it was so touching and pure that now this little mat with all these little pearls made me melt my heart and is now endowed with a higher dimension.

It is an object arrived by post, sent by you, which I only know through a screen, in short it could have simply remained on a purely material, impersonal level, and your video made that now I connect it directly in your heart, it's incredible Ouassima!

Thank you 1000 times! "Frédérique


"I learned about myself without asking questions, the flowers, the roses came naturally to touch my emotional side. Everything in this box invites to a journey to the deepest self smoothly. Thank you." Marina.

"I find the oracle particularly inspiring by its messages, its beautiful flowers but also interesting by the energetic care it brings! I feel a lot of kindness and love of flowers! "


"Enriching, intoxicating, sometimes confusing"


"The Shamanic Healing with Roses and Flowers box allows you to approach a deep connection with roses and flowers, and to discover great lessons. The added objects are a nice touch and offer the possibility of ritualizing the use. The content of the booklet is complete with practical connection suggestions, and a deeply energetic and spiritual description of each card. The set is just magical and of high quality. Many thanks for this wonderful creation! " Anne Laure.


"Very beautiful box, elegant and bewitching that I really appreciate. Bravo"

a Box that Invites you to a new experience


This deck & box are for you if:
+ You love plants and you consider them as living beings
+ You are interested in Shamanism and Cosmic healing
+ You want to bring healing and harmony to different areas of your life: emotional, relational, professional, ancestral ...
+ You are ready to be initiated into the Mystical Secrets of Flowers
+ You are an herbalist, aromatherapist, or therapist and you want to add another energetic and vibrational dimension to your practice.
+ You want to collaborate with flowers and other Allies to bring Light to certain places in the world.

In this Box, you will receive:

+ 60 cards + Guide book in PDF format in French and English of 109 pages

+ Link to a web page where content is added as we experiment with these flowers

+ Surprise physical sacred tools are added to this Box so that you can meet the flowers with your different senses

+ Shamanic journeys in electronic format to have direct experiences with certain flowers.

+ A Full Live Opening Ritual and the video is recorded and accessible on Video on February 14, 2020 at 7 p.m. (France time)

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How to use this Box  and deck?

+ You can choose one card per day, per week or for 21 days.

+ You can use them to make a draw of cards by combining them with other Tarots or Oracles, and also for sessions / vibratory spreads / Sessions.


Qui est Ouassima Issare ?

Ouassima is an author and creator, intuitive therapist and Cosmic Messenger, she offers shamanic and energetic treatments and gives multiple training and online programs.
She is inspired by nature, Magic and the stars.
Known for her creativity and sweetness, she creates different tools to help in everyday life, and she shares lessons to support the ascent process.

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