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The latest Coremagik creation

Would you like to receive a personalized gift box ?

Here are the steps to receive CoreMagik in your mailbox

These boxes are prepared with the intention of supporting you in your life and offering you a rich, Vibratory, transformative experience which supports the manifestation of your Essence ...

Magic spreads….

The meeting with your MAGIC BOX will be a unique moment

we put a lot of attention to prepare it and share it with you

A moment of connection with you, your intention and the energy of the moment allows us to prepare the BOX MAGIC with accuracy and gentleness, through objects, cards, messages and what presents….

You are also an Actor in this preparation by choosing your box, your card deck (s) (optional) and its content, whether for:

  • Give a gift of Wedding, Birthday, etc,

  • You have a specific intention: Receive messages and tools to help you with your work, to start a new book, or to do you good

Simply contact us directly via: to set up your MAGIK BOX

Each box preparation is a suspended moment that bathes in an atmosphere specific to each person for whom the box is intended.

"I have received the magical box from you today !!
The gifts are very excellent and I love them very much!
Thanks for your journey for me and I will go for what you tell me ️ "


what you will find in every box

every box is diffrent
  • ACCESS to Meetings, Workshops, trainings or Writings

  • Card DRAW for you by Ouassima, and the description of each card according to the game.

  • ELIXIR of Flowers / Roses: These flowers were picked in the morning then prepared directly to create a connection a pure essence according to a process of Magic combining the Rays of light, incantation and evocation of Goddesses.

  • Gifts of nature: meet for you in the moment and which diffuses its energy, each one has a form and messages, divination invites itself with them.

  • Other Objects related to nature that take you to anchor and reconnect with our mother all, other objects for example Natural Soap with extra virgin oil, prepared by the Mother of Ouassima and for hypersensitive people .

  • Various content according to inspiration, feelings, connections and according to your energy, etc ...

Choice of (with extra):

  • Card games

  • Shamanic journeys for a specific question

  • etc.

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Choose one of these boxes or contact us here: to send us your wish, intention or problem ,

We prepare the Box for you with channeled messages and more

We send it directly to your address

(where to the address of your loved one)