Discussing Tarot or anything esoteric with my friends or even strangers always brings out the most priceless reactions....they are completely awed by even the smallest pieces of information that I may give them in passing or intentionally through a reading. "Accurate" is the word I hear the most, usually accompanied by various profanities and random exclamations....SO long story short - that’s how this deck morphed into its sassy self.

Every single one of these designs started out as a sketch in a notebook, then scanned into photoshop and enhanced with color, texture and realism to bring them to the next level.

Each card has key points relating to it's meaning printed around the edges, this saves time searching through little books, and also saves paper + weight + cost for production and shipping...


the deck will be accompanied by a constantly updated and evolving site!! the Accurate AF website will help you decode your spreads when you receive your deck!! 


These cards being circular adds another level of uniqueness...they're not the usual rectangle tarot variety - roundness to me means fluidity and cycle, the nature of these cards is intended to be gentle and uplifting (but don't be fooled cause hard/sassy truth is still in store) Here's a little article about how to read circle cards


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Accurate AF Tarot


· 78 circular cards

· 4 inches wide (10cm)

· 400GSM heavy cardstock

· Superior quality soft smooth matte laminated (frothing)

· Gold UV edges

· Matte laminated rigid storage box to keep the cards in

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