Notes on this first edition:

This is the first edition of the Forager’s Daughter Tarot, and, like with many first edition decks that are independently created, there is a process of evolution. Misprints and some errors do happen, as evidence of the human hand. In this first edition copy, one card (the Nine of Wands) includes a typographical error, for which a corrected card is being created.
– Creator Jessica Lei Howard

In ordering this deck, you will receive a unique first edition, containing the misprinted card inside the deck, plus an additional corrected card, shipped with your deck as soon as we have everything here.



The Forager’s Daughter Tarot is a beautiful new deck rooted in the animal and plant kingdoms, by illustrator Jessica Lei Howard, who writes:

I’ve always been interested in the idea of magic as the act of tapping into the unknown for insight, or to influence an event or initiate change. Not in a movie or fairy tale way, but in a way that utilizes awareness of yourself and your surroundings, and focused intention. For me, tarot is a great tool to achieve these things. With a background and training in art, creating a deck seemed like the perfect way for me to infuse my own symbols and associations into something functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The imagery used in this deck comes from a deep seeded love of nature, and a reverence for the natural cycles happening around us all the time. My parents are hunters, fishers, foragers and gardeners, and this lifestyle taught me to look closely at nature all through my childhood. I found things reflected in plants and animals that I was experiencing myself: struggles, successes, drives, relationships.

For a few years I’ve been looking for a way to share these ideas with the public. In art school I knew these were underlying themes I wanted to pursue, but spent a lot of time experimenting with various artistic processes, and culling my own index of symbols and imagery. While the symbols reference narratives related to my childhood and family, I feel they offer a universal message that others can relate and attribute their own meaning to.

My goal for this project is to create something that others can use to influence their lives in a positive way, to provide insight and awareness. It was also a way for me to really learn the art of reading cards and become familiar with their messages, something I’d been looking to accomplish in my own spiritual practice.


  • 78-card tarot deck, with cards measuring 2.75 x 4.75″. 350gsm linen finish cards with rose gold gilded edges
  • Misprinted card (unique to first edition) in box, plus an additional corrected card.
  • Presented in a rigid two-piece box
  • Softcover guidebook (5.5 x 8.5″) with descriptions of each card and keywords for upright and reversed reading

The Forager’s Daughter Tarot was dreamed up in the Midwest US, but the production is thanks to a company called PrintNinja. Since launching in 2009, PrintNinja has printed millions of books, comic books, children’s books, magazines, games, catalogs, and more for thousands of independent creators, publishers, and businesses. Their customer service center is located in the United States, and their printing facility is in Shenzhen, China. Because the two parts of their company work across the globe from each other, international collaboration and communication are main ideals for them, and it really showed in my experience working with them. The actual printing process utilizes offset printing, which allows for richer, more consistent prints.
– Jessica Lei Howard

Forager’s Daughter Tarot Deck + Guidebook - 1st edition

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