A colourful, collaged tarot deck from Lisa McLoughlin. Here is what she sais about it  : 

"The creation of this deck sprung from a desire to make something for personal growth that is accessible to understand and fashioned in a way that felt more in keeping with my values around Nature, inclusiveness, compassion and kindness. 

With a beautiful mix of visual ideas of what it means to be human– it is an eclectic fusion of traditional, contemporary, symbolic and quirky illustrations. I approached this project with an open heart, as an artist interpreting the information before me. The effect is created by digitally collaging fragments of digital images, layered textures, digital art, hand-drawn art with stitched textiles. The figures within the deck are not deliberately created to look like any specific person. 

This tarot is loosely themed around the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. If you start at the Major Arcana, flow into the Court cards and then end up at the Pips, you’ll notice the subtle variation in style that evolved during my journey creating this deck. I love that about them!

This deck taps deeply into my vulnerability which leaves me with the sense that many people will benefit from this source of inspiration. I like to think that it is an approachable gateway for people new to tarot (particularly those who fear it), or a collectors deck for the tarot card lovers. I can also see it complimenting many other tarot and oracle card deck readings. 

It’s up to you how you use the cards. I don’t think it’s my place as the artist to suggest what you do with reversal cards, energy clearing, and any recommended spreads. It’s open to you and your own experiences with using tarot cards. There are many rich resources around that have thorough explanations. 

The 78 card deck is printed in full-bleed colour, plastic coated, 395um, Zanta Box Board and matt laminated. Each card is of Standard tarot size at 120mm x 70mm. The deck and mini booklet fits into a fully printed tuck box. 

***On darker coloured cards, it is expected that the corners and edges of this deck will naturally wear and age over time to add to the texture of the deck. On visiting social media platforms, I have the sense that there is an overall preference for 'no borders' around the images of tarot cards.***


The mini booklet included provides researched word prompts and phrases behind the meaning of each card. This will help ground you in their illustrated intention. For this particular deck , I took a different approach using collaged pieces of digital photography mixed with textures, digital drawing and re-usable stitching on textiles.

On social media, the hashtag for this deck is #thetexturedtarot. If you would like to communicate your journey with this special deck then I would be delighted to meet you there." Lisa


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Textured Tarot


Prices in $us

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