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The school that combines magic and logic to create a New Reality

Discover a universe full of treasures
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Give you access to QUALITY courses and workshops

Light, Magic and concrete!

Encourage you to exceed your own limits

Go to a deeper and more advanced level

Have fun while learning!

Initiation au Temple des Roses


Develop your psychic and intuitive gifts for your Tarot readings, Ir is easier than you think, this course is a JUMP! It is PRACTICAL - DEEP - TRANSFORMATIVE. Open for all levels! You will get to know more about Tarot in a CRAZY creative Way! 


This training includes :

  1. An online course challenge over 3 weeks. AVAILABLE NOW. Recorder and you can start any time.

  2. 4 Additional workshops In person in Lisbon: Sundays 8, 15, 22, and 29th of January 2023 at 10 am (Lisbon time) 

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Psychic protection for modern times: protect your energy, body, house, family

Program : Learn Psychic protection for modern times

3 sessions offered by 3 Energy workers to help you protect your energy, your body, your house and your family.


In this course, we will share with you our best practices, experience and knowledge about psychic protection. We will teach you practices in order to protect yourself, your house and your family.

In this course, we offer you strategies to regain your power and reconnect with the strength and the God and Goddess within you.

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