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About Coremagik

Boutique & house of creation, CoreMagik LLC is a creative spiritual publishing house. Working with new or established authors, we offer publishing services to help them get their message out to the world. At the heart of our creations: Magical creativity, integrity, efficiency.

Our goal it to act as a bridge and make mystical knowledge available and attractive.

Coremagik... Concrete Tools and Divine Magic to inspire and support women and men in their personal ascension and creative empowerment

The power of the divine sun

The divine fire of the central sun, a divine light transmitted to us

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The power of the trinity

The number 3 is sacred, symbol of ascension, divine manifestation, connection to higher planes, growth, joy and freedom.

The power of the magician

Our power to experiment and create while respecting Cosmic Laws

Boutique & House of Creation

A magical experience and a beautiful energy

At the heart of our creations:

  • Magic, light...

  • Integrity, honesty...

  • Efficiency and speed...

Team and collaborators

  • The founder: Ouassima Issra

Ouassima Issare is author and creator of CoreMagik and the AcademyOuassimagik, she offers shamanic and energy care and gives multiple trainings and online programs. He is inspired by nature, magic and the stars. Recognized for her creativity and gentleness, she creates various daily aid tools, and she shares teachings to accompany the ascension process.
As Keeper of Truth, Cosmic Ambassador, Keeper of Records, Priestess ofTemple of the Roses, she helps her clients, students and readers to journey within and without in order to bring healing and knowledge that can be useful for themselves and for future generations. She is also a dancer, artist, interested in Tarology & Oracology® and mystical teachings.
Discover his creations here

  • Selma Sebti

Collaborator for several writings, conceptualization, elaboration and writing of content that challenges, informs and expands the consciousness of readers and arouses their interest. 

Selma is detail-oriented and insightful, ensuring that text is proofread and content updated in a methodical manner. She collaborated in the writing of the book and journal: Le Féminin et le Masculin, an accompanying guide to explore different archetypes inviting the reader to establish links on his patterns, in order to harmonize his two polarities within him.Discover this project here.  Contact:                                

  • Maggie & Chris-de-combe

Maggie de Combe is a certified polarity practitioner, craniosacral practitioner, healing path practitioner and therapeutic touch practitioner. Maggie offers individual and remote healing sessions. In her regular practice, Maggie often receives information from her spiritual guides. She first became acquainted with her spiritual guides nearly 30 years ago, but it wasn't until 2015 that she began channeling the information presented in her books and training courses.

Chris de Combe, is a graduate consultant in natural health specializing in energy techniques from the Institut des consultants en santé naturelle de Montréal. During the three-year training, he took shamanism courses and learned techniques such as travel and soul recovery. In private study, he spent time with a shaman in Peru and was introduced to the Andean tradition of shamanic practice. Chris works with Maggie in one-on-one healing session and they have had considerable experience in dealing with Psychic Attack.

Learn moreabout them here, their courses, and their books 

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Our customers share their joy: 

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