CoreMagik ... Concrete tools and magic to inspire and support women and men in their personal ascension and creative empowerment

The power of the divine sun

The divine fire of the central sun, a divine light which has been transmitted to us by the Solar Gods.

The power of the trinity

The number 3 is sacred, symbol of ascension, divine manifestation, connection to higher planes, growth, joy and freedom.

The power of the magician

Our power to experiment and create while respecting Cosmic Laws

Boutique & House of Creation

A magical experience and a beautiful energy

At the heart of our creations:

  • Magic, light...

  • Integrity, honesty...

  • Efficiency and speed...

  • Who is Ouassima ?

Ouassima Touahria is a modern spiritual guide, author and creator, intuitive therapist and cosmic messenger, she offers shamanic and energetic sessions and gives multiple trainings and programs online.


She is inspired by nature, magic and Stars.

Known for her creativity, she creates different tools to help in everyday life, and she shares teachings to support the process of Ascension.


At the spiritual level, her role as "White Lady and Truth Keeper" is to help Star beings to remember their origins and rebuild their pillars of light.


She likes to travel, draw, photograph, smell flowers and play Tarot!


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Photo couverture 1



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