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Mindful Creative Photography
12 Weeks to Cultivate the Awareness of Seeing and Live Meaningful Experiences

This Photography Challenge Book is not meant to be a photography course. Rather, it is meant to be a creative and practical photography exercise book that will help you discover both yourself and photography differently. The 12 weekly challenges and diverse photography prompts and projects will help you confirm your style and encourage you to contemplate the beauties around you and see the world differently to change your perception and ways of thinking.
This book can be explored whether or not you have expertise in photography. We will share some approaches that can open you up to new techniques or cameras, such as Analog photography.

Imagine creating your own photo book where you can express yourself freely, where your focus is only on your “lens”, and not on what people will think of your photo.

Our intention with this book is to encourage you to APPRECIATE photography beyond technique. We will certainly touch on a few technical points but only to give you a basis. You will learn something new and different in each chapter, not only about photography but also about yourself as a photographer!

A photo is a choice, and this choice is the “conclusion” of everything we are: our life experiences, our complexes, our desires, and our essence.

What they say about it

“It was a big first for me. At first, I thought it would be difficult as I am not a photography specialist, but the guidance and instructions made me understand that this was not a competition for the best photo but rather a time for me to let my creativity and senses take over.
I experienced it as a kind of meditation, introspection, and a time for me to find myself. It really made me feel good, I wanted to buy an easy-to-use camera to be able to take photos outdoors. It also reminded me, that I like to have a goal and use my creativity to achieve it. Thanks again, it was great!” Christelle De Sousa

"As an avid street photographer, I thought I was able to see the overall “picture” very well.
The exercises in this book will open your eyes to meaningful photography and challenge you to look at your subjects in a new way. Definitely worth the read." Brent Northrup

With this book, you will:

  • Learn more about the technique of Mindful creative photography,

  • Live a unique experience that will make your photos unique, because you will connect with your personal touch,

  • Have new perspectives on the world, develop different ideas, and unleash your imagination,

  • Develop your creativity and discover other aspects of yourself,

  • Have clarity about what you love and appreciate in photography, and share it with others,

  • Trust yourself because when you stop comparing your work to others, you will no longer care what people think of your photography.

Mindful creative Photography helps us know our vision of the world or cultivate a new one, and change how we look at what surrounds us.

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