Good Habits for Life

Our goal is to inspire you, make you dream and travel, bring Nature to you, remind you of the little simple joyful things, share about where we live, creations we love.


daily Good Habits

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your connexion to nature

Embraced by Nature

Through this video, Nature is present in every aspect, try to find it... 🌿🌿

🌿🌿 🌼We invite you through this video-project to find good habits for life, We all have to work and honor our responsibilities and obligations, but we forget that connecting with Nature is an obligation also! It is for our own sake and survival. 🌿🌿🌿


🌼Bonus : Scientific research shows that exposing your skin to the sun, will improve your sleep, reduce stress, help you maintain strong bones, strengthen your immune system, and help with depression. ... 🌿🌿🌿


 ❤️ Some of the decks I used For the healing reading :

**Llewellyn Tarot  **Lonely dreamer tarot **Masculine & Feminine Pack **Crystal Medicine Oracle ** Forest of Enchantment Tarot 🌺


Here is a Tarot spread to help you connect with spirits of nature :

English : Français

💍The Ring is from Argent Tonic, one of my favorite shops that creates beautifull treasures handmade and pure materials ***Get 10 % OFF with this code*** NATURE

🌳The neckless in wood, made by a Portuguese artisan. Wearing a wooden jewel helps to feel grounded and reminds us to slow down. It will connect us to nature and the healing energy of trees, powerful allies to have, available here 🌺Not sure about the flower I met, so if you have its name, let me know!

What to do after a super stressful day

How to relieve stress after a long day? Get your cards, and bring them to the beach! 
Cards have magic, they are showing us how to :
+ Free ourselves from limitations and problems that come from work or home... 
+ To take time to identify fears and free them through movement and ... water's energy... 
+ Enjoy who we are Now... just today... Tomorrow will be another day...
💧Fun Fact about water: Water is covering over 70% of the planet, our body is at 65% to 78% of water (depending on age), 31% of our dry bones are water... When we connect with water, we connect to what we are ... Hydrotherapy, a therapy with water that birthed in 19th century in Europe was and is still a method to treat anxiety and pneumonia, today it is used for burns and ulcers, for chronic health conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia...
More Details :
💧 Know your EMotions with Tarot through this spread here 

❤️ Some of the decks I used 
*** Nest of Light Oracle by CoreMagik & Starchild Tarot

💍The Ring is from Argent Tonic, one of my favorite shops that create beautiful treasures handmade and pure materials ***Get 10 % OFF with this code*** NATURE  :