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Privacy Policy


1. Personal data protection policy

While browsing my website, you may be required to provide me with your personal data. On this page, I will inform you of f inalités the collection and use of your data, your rights of access, rectification and opposition to the processing of personal data and the rules use for shop.

First, know that your personal data is never rented, transferred or sold to third parties. They are collected for the sole purpose of the proper execution of your order, purchases, booking appointments and subscribing to the newsletter.

2. Data controller

Newsletter : I am responsible for processing personal data: your first and last name, telephone number and email address concerning the newsletter and I personally keep this data in a secure Excel file on my work computer, it is not put online. Excel is a support created by Microsoft Office ( )


Store : The data concerning the sale of the store are managed and archived by the host Wix and I only have access to your full name, your order, your email address and your address in some cases to have the items delivered to you. purchased. This data is used to find out how many items have been sold where no personal data is required. These data are only kept for 1 year.

Here are Wix's privacy policies:

and in relation to the law General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD / GDPR)


3. Secure Payments (PayPal, Square)

I only use service providers who have implemented a serious protection policy for securing transactions. Only the specialist PayPal and Square providers are aware of your payment data (bank card number, PayPal account number and all other confidential data). I do not receive or manage any information relating to your payments or your bank accounts.

4. Purposes of the collection and processing of the data communicated

Your personal data on my site are used exclusively for:

Carry out the processing of purchases

· Managing our provider-customer relationship (deliveries supplements you purchase digital form, digital products, product info, invoices, and what traits to customer service) as well as taking appointments for personal consultations.

· And when you subscribe to the newsletter.

Your personal data is not marketed.

5. Recipients / third parties of personal data

The recipients of your personal data collected on my site are:

- My payment and / or payment security providers (banking institutions and is done automatically for PayPal and Square payment methods). I have no access to your banking information.

- My delivery providers: Post Canada as an example.

For any refusal to communicate this information, for any question, you have a comment box to specify it during the purchase or simply send me an email on: .



6. Secure exchanges

This site uses the service of Godaddy and Wix. It secures the flow of information transmitted between you and me and guarantees the confidentiality of information transfers.


7. Your rights

You have the rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition to the processing of your data

personal. To exercise your rights, send me a simple email specifying your request and your identity on:



8. Host domain and website editor




For any access request, information, question, correction of information and unsubscription:

Email address:

Telephone: (+1) 5052364640


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