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Become an oracle

a Guide to Divine & magical Connection
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"Filled with magical and beautiful beings, vibrant and deep…”

Awaken your intuition and receive guidance and wisdom from magical realms, Egyptian gods, Unicorns, Fairies, angels and Galactic realms.

As you connect with their high vibrations, through light and color, you will feel more supported, aligned and expanded. Interacting with these 50 cards will help you to develop your psychic abilities, get accurate guidance to have healthy relationships, healing, and manifesting.


This deck will help you to be multidimensional, and cultivate a strong relationship with these Archangels, Ascended masters, Goddesses and more… They will help you on your spiritual journey.

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“This deck… is like entering a sacred temple…”
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The companion guidebook provides full interpretations for each card so you can begin working with these High Vibe Beings and channel their healing energy.


Use these magical cards for personal intuitive guidance, rituals, energetic healing sessions, and more...


This box Includes :

  • A deck of 50 cards

  • A printed guidebook

  • A workshop on how to use this deck

  • How to use this deck :  A PDF ready to print document will be offered to share with you how to read these Oracle cards and any other oracle deck (to come soon)

“I created this oracle deck to meet with my spirit allies more frequently, I wanted to see them and feel them present, I use it to have practical guidance and do ritual work with my clients… Although the deck is spiritual it works very well for readings with a card per day and offers guidance related to your present life to yourself and others.” Ouassima Issrae

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Choose your deck
With or without borders

We decided to offer this deck in 2 options: with borders or without borders, this choice is not the most affordable for printing but we preferred to opt for this to allow you to connect with these Magical Beings in depth.

The border of a deck represents for us more than a frame. A border is the window that allows us to connect to the deck and its beings.

The border can:

  • Contain the energy of the card and what it represents, or on the contrary release it and give it expansion,

  • Broaden our vision or on the contrary direct our attention and our intuition,

  • Represent the manifestation and energy of Light Vs Chaos ...

What is your option ? 


Choose your deck
With or without borders
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