Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for supporting a spiritual micro-enterprise

To learn more about how the shop is organized, please read this page before contacting us - it has answers to some of the most common questions!

Here at the Coremagik we are very proud to make available different and creative publications, Concrete Tools and Magic to inspire and support you. However, we are a small company, which does not compare at all with Amazon. We are two working part-time. Each order is treated, packaged and shipped with care and good vibes.

We do everything we can to be as efficient as possible by juggling the different tasks with joy and magic.

I made my order, how will I receive it?

  • Once your order is made, it is carefully prepared as soon as possible and then brought to the shipping services which from this moment on, will be responsible for the delivery.

  • Once the package has been shipped we send you your tracking number with our email address.