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The Japanese Box.

Storytelling Oracle

We would like to take you on a journey beyond cultural and temporal boundaries. The current situation does not allow us to travel a lot, our desire to go on an adventure can be limited and repressed ... So, with this box, we offer you to travel beyond the physical limits ...

Even if there are difficulties in the world, we can create our own story ...


With this box set, we invite you to make trip to Japan. Feel the land of the sun, with your different senses and nourish your soul with the teachings that it shares with you. Many of us are interested and drawn to Nihon and what is in it. Some of us already had an opportunity to visit it. Some of us are still dreaming of doing it one day. So we have created this box to help you connect with your memories / past lives from Japan and understand their lessons. And to inspire you to recreate a new story for your life.


You might be interested in this box if:
- You hear the call of the Land of the Sun,
- You want to use oracles for storytelling,
- You want to live an authentic and unique experience combining oracle games, shamanic and meditative journeys,
- You are inspired by poetry ...
- You are interested in healing your past memories.

What you will find in this box:

  • An Oracle deck of 78 original cards - Card size: 8.9 X 12.7 cm

  • A 21-day challenge special to Japan with 3 sections:

1. Storytelling - Narration
2. Creative prints
3. Travel to Japan

  • Sacred physical tools to help you travel to Japan wherever you are, with your different senses: jewelry, tea, book of poems (only in French), etc.

  • Special link to a private page where online content awaits:

- PDF of the challenge.
- Mini creative and meditative workshops
- Optional : Digital Book: Poems from Japan. FR.

LIVE Workshop on April 23, 2021 at 7 p.m. (France time):

Special JAPAN

Shamanic journeys &

Discover the mysterious stories   behind the pictures

Confirmation will be emailed to you. Reserved for participants of the Magic Box

If you have any question or request to adapt the box, regarding different shipping possibility, send us an email here


Through storytelling, we share stories that say a lot about our values, our inner heroes and enemies, and the path we take in our lives.

Through spiritual exploration and storytelling, you will learn to:

  • Find your past memories of Japan, your past lives, communicate with your ancestors, etc.

  • Learn more about storytelling, the art of projection, the archetypes that live in you,

  • Learn more about yourself and how you react / create a situation,

  • Trust the messages you receive from your soul,

  • Go beyond the limits and develop your imagination,

  • Develop empathy towards yourself and others,

  • Identify problems and find creative solutions,

  • Manage your deep and hidden emotions thanks to the stories through the cards,

  • Find meaning in everything ...

Improvised storytelling is therapy.

Improvised storytelling is therapeutic, it helps us tell our own story to better understand the situation we are in. By projecting our inner states through stories, we bring repressed emotions to the surface; by recognizing them, giving them a space to express themselves, and then letting them go ... a deep healing occurs.

Improvised storytelling also helps us understand the multiple archetypes and identities that live within us, the roles they play, and their impact on our lives. We can then resolve the inner conflict that may take place between the different archetypes and bring more harmony to our inner world.


Therapeutic storytelling allows us to cross boundaries and bring reality and fantasy closer together. We then reconnect with our inner child and our soul, they are free to tell us their stories, through the imagination or "Remembrance" to teach us their cosmic journeys and share with us their immense wisdom. We are no longer disconnected from our Essence and we feel at home again.

Connect to your heart's desire,

Hear your soul whisper,

Make the words dance and create a secret symphony,
Leading you through the darkness, to the bright sun ...

Spiritual Connection Through Storytelling

Storytelling, using cards helps you connect with your soul. A conversation takes place between you and your allies, ancestors and soul, where you raise your awareness and take on different roles at the same time ...

With the exercises we offer in this box, you will learn to listen and respond at the same time, using the different senses and making different connections. Find the deep truth and the answers to the question you are exploring.

Initiator of the box.
Capture d’écran, le 2021-03-16 à 15.47

Ouassima Issrae always felt that Japan was her spiritual country and she went there several times. Her previous Memoirs of Japan, also called Past Lives, took her on the path of Reiki, Aikido, shamanism and the love of beauty and art. Through this box, she shares an initiatory journey with the photos she took during these trips to Japan as well as unique creations ... "I wish to authentically share my travels and my experiences with you".

Other collaborators, artisans and jewelers have also contributed to pass on their love for this country to you. Thanks to Menko for her jewelry, to Pénélope Cardera for her poems, to Stéphanie for her inspirations, to Luisa for her help with creation, Yana for her Origami inspiration and Ulyana for the design help  xxx

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