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3 years ago, I left everything, I turned my whole life upside down, took my little family on board for a renewal. Elsewhere.

And the day of my passage at the Border this morning in July, me and my family, we were greeted by a flight of Swallows.

What wonderful support I received from Life… and since the Hirondelle accompanies me with its beautiful energy of Freedom, courage and adventure, and as evidence it inspired me this Box.

In Portugal, we call it L'Andorinha, it is found everywhere making its nest on the corners of houses. The Portuguese like to decorate their residential facades with Andorinhas in ceramic to continue to feel their presence during the winter.

I was slow to present this new Box to you, and tonight, last day of April, why am I not surprised to hear on the radio the new song by a modern fado singer Ana Moura sings us the Swallows, As Andorinhas breath of freedom.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.





The swallow, when it appears in the sky, twirling at the whim of the moment, gives us a taste of spring.

She calls us and gives us the impetus to get out of winter, rediscover the taste for change and connect with the Joy of breathing the scents of spring within us.

She has traveled 10,000 km, left her nest, her native land, to reach hot countries. It calls us to change, to renewal, to set in motion to create or recreate ourselves according to our desires, our desires of the moment.

Touched by the courage and perseverance of the Hirondelle, we take you on the way to your spring with this box in spring colors and to a Renewal, your Renewal.

Like the Swallow, be in the movement of life, clean and rebuild your nest with elegance and lightness.

This box accompanies you and gives you the impetus to enter a spring of gaiety and joy.

It is an invitation to put yourself in motion, slowly, at your own pace and to go into an interior and exterior cleansing in order to welcome the positive energies of this new cycle.

Let the Swallow in you express itself!


Retrouvez dans la box

Créativité et spiritualité !

In this box, you will find some elements to contact your Indoor Swallow:

  • an artisanal swallow painted by hand and made in Portugal

  • a handmade pouch to put your favorite game or the one that accompanies you in this season and / or to fly away ...

  • a pocket to create by yourself with proposals to cultivate your creativity. I suggest you create a creative space to enter the journey and make this creation.

  • a ritual to enter the spring energies

  • a meditative journey with the swallow

  • a herbal tea with a taste of spring inviting you to take a break to entertain

  • little surprises, bonuses that we like to share.



À découvrir ou à offrir

For the first 3 orders with one or more games, the box will be accompanied by a free print.

I am thrilled to present this very first box to you and which I hope you will like!


Note: To vibrate even more with spring, you can accompany this box with a deck from the store. Here is the selection I offer: Shamanic Healing with Roses and Flowers, Nest of Light, etc.

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