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Witchy bags

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My best work bag, chic and practical, I have found it!!!

After my rigorous evaluation and testing, I finally found my best bag! My soul bag!

Whether you are a practicing herbalist, witch, tarologist, or simply want to have a practical and cool bag, this hybrid bag could please you!

I like to take long walks in nature without carrying a lot of things, I need a sturdy but practical bag that is not heavy or takes up a lot of space when going through the bushes. I have to have my hands free to pick up herbs and I hate wasting my time constantly looking for my knife or my phone in a big bag. You know what that feeling !
But who said an herbalist or a witch couldn't be chic and glamorous?
Now imagine having a practical bag AND a chic colorful bag!


The best bag for me has specific features that make carrying all my essentials a pleasure, not an ordeal!

Here is the winner of my tests!

I am an editor and author, but also a therapist into plants and spirits! I like herbs and stones, I read tarot cards and am an adventurer from time to time ;)


My life includes a lot of interactions with plants and trees, doing sacred work in ceremonies and in nature to bring healing and light...this is my life and my daily practice, and so I must have : a notepad to channel inspirations, my magic tools at hand for a light but safe work, and of course my Tea or my sacred water.

I focused on bags of small size which I determined was sufficient to hold most of the items needed for me without feeling cluttered. Another criterion was comfort and safety: I had to assess if the belt would hold up during different on-the-go activities, and the material had to be good quality and sturdy! I like durable things and I'm not in a logic of super consumption, I dislike bags that I have to throw away after a month!

Oh and the aesthetics? I can associate this bag with outfits ranging from formal to casualfrom dresses to pants, evaluating the ability to wear them in different scenarios, and I'm so happy!!!!

Capture d’écran, le 2023-01-11 à 16.01.37.png

This bag is ideal for those who appreciate high-quality, sturdy, easy-to-clean leather and like a refined, sophisticated look, but skip it if you're on a budget. In fact, this bag is a money saver because it is durable!

High quality leather bag
Each bag comes with magic tools and ceremonially prepared potions
Choose your bag:

In the scent of roses - Red bag