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Communicate with the beings of nature thanks to TAROT!

Why Tarot? More than a personal development tool, it is a life companion, it is our mirror, our confidant, our advisor who communicates through images, and like a friend, we go out together to explore unknown lands.

Tarot is a medium of communication, like when you go to a country and you don't speak its language, you will use your dictionary to decipher strange words. It's the same mechanism: the tarot is our dictionary, it puts us in touch with our "deep-self", with the unconscious, it acts as an interior mirror, or mirror for events and ... mirror of the various subtle energies surrounding us.

This is the reason why we are going to use the cards (Tarot and Oracle) to communicate with the beings in nature ....

Nature beings are forms of energy that watch over nature: trees, lakes, flowers, wind, air, etc. They are as different as animals, with different energies, shapes, and missions.

It's like us too because we have different powers, some are clairvoyant so they can see these subtle energies physically or with the 3rd eye, others can hear them, others can feel them (cold, hot), and others may know them innately... as if they had been there for centuries.

Whether or not you have one of these powers, the cards are there to help concretely communicate to know these subtle energies ...

Choose Tarot or Oracle cards:

- Those that attract you or that you like the most

- Those which correspond to your intention: In this choice, we begin to specify our intention, so with whom do you wish to communicate the most? What do you need the most right now?

Answering these questions can point you towards a certain type of card. For example :

o My Victorian Fairies Tarot helps me connect with Fairies

o The Vision Quest helps me connect with the ancestors of the place and the energies of the elements of water, fire and earth...

o The Old Path Tarot allows me to get to know the new energies of the place that I did not know before

o Tarot of the angels allows me to connect more particularly to the beings of the air

o Trees' Guidance allows me to interact with trees in particular

o With the Oracle Warwick, I meet and enter the world of fairies and other beings.

After choosing your deck of cards:

- Dialogue with your Tarot by communicating your intention

- Choose a spot, a place where you want to go: a park? By the beach? A forest?

- Sit back and relax: you have nothing to force, nothing to do, just be receptive and open.

Note: at this stage, some of you will need a protective bubble

o Specify that you only communicate with benevolent and compassionate beings

o Call on someone you trust: an archangel, a tree, etc.

Start your adventure:

Ask the Spirits of Nature these questions:

o Who are you?

o What are you doing? What is your role?

o Do you need anything to help you in your role?

o Do you have a message, teaching for me?

o How can I honor this place? Something I can add to my rituals and share with others?

o If you have no further questions, thank them, send love to them and the whole place, and see if it is possible to offer them something they might ask you.

o Continue on your way and add this experience to your journal later!

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Much love !

Ouassima Issrae



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