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Learn how to communicate with trees, Learn to listen their language and apply them to your daily life..
  • Send you messages, teachings

  • Help you accelerate your spiritual ascent

  • Teach you to see magic in everything

  • Teach you to communicate with them through different tools

  • Give you their roles for the next few years

With this box, the trees resume

their place as spiritual guides and:

This program includes:

  • One hour webinar

  • A practical book with 26 photos of trees and their messages as well as 24 professional support sessions

  • An oracle game of 46 cards with photos of trees taken in several countries of the world

  • An energy stone as a gift

  • 2 additional Oracle cards to share with your friends

You can get the box for a favorable price or the book, video and oracle separately

What they say


"Great for those who need to find themselves, find their mission and who wants to fulfill themselves.

It is not a book to read but to discover and work exercise by exercise. It takes time.

Well done!"

Paule Boucher

Oracle essai
Photos oracle
Oracle la guidance des arbres
Les arbres vous parlent
Guidance des arbres
Tree 1-03.png

“I will do the great practices with a smile, because I find them very inspiring. I want to say thank you for the freshness, the lightness and the magic that emerges from your writing. I feel everywhere the presence of fairies and even in some photos of the trees with beautiful little characters !! Thank you. You touch my soul. Gratefully ".


Commander arbres


What they say about it on Youtube


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