A parfum of magic in your life ...

Discover a universe full of treasures

Receive in this box several items like so many treasures ...

These boxes are prepared with the intention of supporting you in your life ...
More than a spiritual box, this A Vibratory, transforming EXPERIENCE and supports the manifestation of your Essence ...

In each box you certainly have:

  • A deck

  • Workshops, meetings or rituals

  • Teachings, meditations, shamanic journeys, draws, etc.

  • And possible to receive unique physical creations personalized to each box: jewelry, tools for rituals, etc.

what you will find in every box

every box is diffrent

The latest Coremagik creation

Become An oracle Cards

Awaken your intuition and receive advice and wisdom from the magic kingdoms, Egyptian gods, unicorns, fairies, angels and galactic kingdoms.

By connecting to their high vibrations and their light, you will feel more supported, aligned and expanding. Interacting with these 50 cards will help you to develop your psychic capacities, to obtain precise advice for having benevolent relationships, healing and the manifestation of your inspirations.

Nest Of Light

An experience, much more than a game of oracles, these are moments of connections, and powerful tools that we share with you to help you to harmonize, to raise your vibrations. But also to purify your energies, to find clarity, to allow you to focus on your life mission.

Shamanic Healing with
Roses and Flowers

This box is for you if:
+ You love plants and you consider them as living beings in their own right
+ You are interested in Shamanism and Cosmic healing
+ You want to bring healing and harmony to different areas of your life: emotional, relational, professional, ancestral ...
+ You are ready to be initiated into the Mystical Secrets of Flowers
+ You are an herbalist, aromatherapist, or therapist and you want to add another energetic and vibratory dimension to your practice.
+ You want to collaborate with flowers and other Allies in order to bring Light to certain places in the world.

Would you like to receive a personalized gift box ?

Here are the steps to receive CoreMagik in your mailbox

  1. Choose:

    1. The Oracles or Tarot Games of the shop

    2. Your Theme ... or we choose it for you

    3. Your Intention

  2. Send them as a message here: coremagik@gmail.com

  3. Make the payment via Paypal

  4. We prepare the Box for you with channeled messages and +

  5. We send it directly to your address

    (where at the address of your loved one)



+ These boxes can contain different objects whose purpose is to make you live the experience with your different senses ...

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