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Heal the Masculine - Soul wisdom for better Relationships !

As we prepare for the end of the project in a few weeks, we are going through the texts again to correct and edit, and every time I reread, I am amazed by Luci's texts that shine her truth with simplicity and authenticity. In this book, we are sharing personal experiences and principles. We say what we Are, and it doesn't need to be in contradiction with anyone else. We learned to Re-act instead of act, we learned to express ourselves in opposition to what exists. But we aim through this book is to "just" express ourselves, without feeling shame, guilt or the need to deal with "social-convenience". All of this needs only compassion, active listening, and :

  • as we write we heal ourselves

  • as we use our cards as tools of self-introspection and discovery, we heal ourselves

  • as we exchange and share, we heal the whole world.

Here is a text from Chapter 8: Soul Wisdom for Better Relationships

"How Can I Heal the Masculine?

This question of “How can I heal the Masculine?” is actually referring to the masculine aspects of yourself. It's impossible to change another person against their own will. It is also very manipulative to try to change someone and it is definitely not our right to do by telling ourselves "It's for his/her own good so I am healing him/her”. But, it is so very true that you can change yourself because that will help you and your partner in one way or another, although this does not include remaining in a toxic situation and changing yourself according to what your partner may want you to be. This is a two-people situation, each deserves to live as themselves and be loved and respected for who they actually are. If that’s not possible and your only recourse seems to be "downsizing" yourself to make you fit "requirements", then that isn’t going help either of you to grow and flourish. Your choices are:

  • To heal yourself and live in your own power while being in the relationship,

  • Or, to leave and follow your own path in order to live in your own power.

You can make the correct choice for yourself by seeking inside yourself for answers, and this is why we created this book and Oracle set. Since the beginning of June of 2021, I (Luci) started feeling this wave of light coming to the earth, and hearing the call within me to “heal the masculine.” I felt The Cosmic Mother in me expanding and embracing all Men, Healing them, by healing the Masculine within me. This “call” is not about “saving” the Masculine, it is about healing the Divine Masculine Energy that has become as distorted over the eons as has the Divine Feminine. Both Divine Energies are in need of being brought back into the healthy balance that was lost in ages past. This Sacred Energy Balance is needed both within ourselves regardless of gender born into, and also very much needed if we are to create healthy and happy relationships in our lives and throughout our Global Family. These Sacred Energies are represented by the symbol of the Yin and Yang which shows that we each, regardless of how we were born, contain BOTH energies although one is usually more prominent than the other and I don't mean in gender appearances. ...... Today's society makes us into beings who are in combat with ourselves, and thus with each other. The inner Energy of our feminine part and our masculine part are constantly at odds with each other because we have been "trained" for generations that girls should be and behave one way, whilst boys should be another way. This training has meant that men are cut off from their feminine emotional side and afraid to feel too much and women are cut off from their more rational masculine side so during relationships when disagreements arise it's like two goats head-butting each other and the "weakest" falls. ...... This same battle rages on within ourselves too and when we enter into combat with our own being, we then start to rage with ourselves, abusing and criticizing all we do, feeling like a failure, being stuck and unable to move forward, disliking what we see in the mirror: our size, shape, complexion, etc. Even our partners hold these old wounds of "I'm not enough" which gives them inner rage too. So both partners end up trying to either be in control where one may succumb to any form of put-downs, and other abuses just to keep the peace, or they will become codependent on the other to "build them up" in their own eyes, because they don't know how to do it for themselves.

Stop the distortion

It's time to stop this distortion of the Masculine and Feminine and understand that at our very Energetic core, at a Soul level, we are all One with each other and so, all equal to the other. It is the belief in the distortion that creates the blame, hate, fear, battles, and subsequent loss of so much goodness in our short human lifespan. At our Highest Core Level, we are One with each other. But modern life with all its mind-conditioning processes - such as tv, radio, and other media, schooling, and social expectations/standards - literally "trains" us to become stuck in someone else's preferred world, and to feel "less than" if we desire to choose a different way to live. This causes our Masculine and Feminine energies to become focused on "correcting" ourselves by compliance with another which is the expression of the distortion and emotionally unstable, instead of being in Co-Creation with another, which is the expression of being balanced and emotionally stable. ....... The energies of Masculine and Feminine are controlled by our "conditioned/trained" thoughts and beliefs, which are then expressed through us and out into the world around us. This causes the relationship difficulties that we encounter each day. We naturally swing like a pendulum between the -M and -F and the +M and +F according to the rhythm of our life, our encounters, and our thoughts. The subsequent emotions aroused by these swings throughout our day are what cause us to "lose" ourselves, to lose our balance. ....... " Luci.

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