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Know your EMotions with Tarot

We are completely emotional beings, we live our earthly experiences with our emotions. It is as if our emotions add a profound dimension to our experiences.

We also relate emotions to elements such as water or fire: they can easily flow or ignite and they are said to belong to the unconscious world, but what are emotions?

What are emotions?

The emotion comes from “the Latin root emovere 'to set in motion' is a complex and intense psychophysiological experience… linked to a locatable object when it reacts to biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences.” [1]

According to Larousse [2]:

· Emotion is a sudden disturbance, temporary agitation caused by a strong feeling of fear, surprise, joy, etc. : Talking with emotion about someone.

Moderately intense transient affective reaction, usually caused by stimulation from the environment.

For me the emotion is:

A form of intelligence that allows us to understand and analyze data, information.

It's a mode of communication!

Our emotions and feelings are stimulated at all times by what surrounds us. The trees, the flowers, the sky, EVERYTHING communicates with us through the colors, the vibrations, and the emotions, the feelings.

Emotions as Messengers

Emotions are also messengers of our deep self and serve as an intermediary to know if we are on Our way or not. They allow us to know if we should leave a place, start training, get closer to such and such a man or woman… Emotions tell us which direction to go, even if sometimes it seems “illogical” ...

Emotions as a conditionning

But beware ! Emotions can also be programmed according to our upbringing and our personal history.

Emotions can therefore be mental, educational "programming", and in this case can act as a "mental" prison, a conditioning!

Is the emotion positive or negative?

An emotion becomes negative or positive by its effect on you and the action you decide to take.

According to what we have seen above, emotion is a messenger, so it is neither negative nor positive but becomes so through the Action we take afterwards. They say it is "the fault of the emotions", "it was my fault because I was angry" but the reality is much more complex!

Emotion as Energy

Emotion is an "energy surge" and it needs time to be absorbed and understood. But we lack patience to live this process, moreover, we lack "presence", the emotions often take us by surprise whereas often they are the accumulation of several other small events / messages.

How to experience the emotion?

To fully experience an emotion, we need to go through certain stages:

  1. Feel the emotion through the body and the mind: We need to be present to our body and the physical and mental signals of the emotions: Palpitation, changing breathing rate, headache, thirst, sweat, etc.

  2. Identify the emotion and give it a name: What am I feeling? Identifying the emotion already helps to understand what we are going through.

  3. Accept that the emotion runs through us: by being present to oneself, crying, laughing, not repressing or fleeing the emotion, this is also a way of honoring it

  4. Equip yourself with tools that help you get through the emotion, we talk about the Tarot but I also mention the flowers of bach - the emergency remedy which is accessible and which has a beneficial effect when we talk about emotion!

  5. Analyze the message of emotion: Initiation. At this point we are ready to listen to the emotional message, what triggered it? What does she tell me about me? About my needs? What is its place in my spiritual evolution?

  6. Assimilate and integrate the message into your life through new actions or decisions. In this step, we have understood the messages and we decide with a more informed mind.

Know your emotion spread

We take the previous questions and ask our tarot and oracle these questions :

  • What emotion am I going through at the moment?

  • What is its origin? My Expectations? etc

  • What is my current need hidden behind this emotion? At the practical level? At the spiritual level?

  • How can I fulfill this need?

  • What is the next action/step I can take to fulfill this need? What is the best approach?

I hope this was fun for you, and I would love to know how was your spread, so please share it with us in our unstagram

Much love,

Ouassima Issrae :

Pictures by Ulyana :

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