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A ritual to protect yourself in a crazy world #goodhabitsforlife

We live in difficult yet amazing times, all is changing which offers a great opportunity to build a new reality. However, this can be very demanding and tiring mentally and emotionally for many of us.

In the middle of all this change and transformation, as an empath, we might pick up the emotions and vibrations that others are feeling and living with, which represents a big gray cloud that surrounds us, it prevents us from seeing things clearly.

Therefore, it is central to build a strong circle of “limitation and protection” around us to protect our space and Essence from being “infected” by negative vibes.

The idea of this circle is not to isolate us but to draw a limit between:

  • What we want and we don’t want,

  • What is important and not,

  • What we think is right from what is wrong.

By creating this circle, we make a choice to connect to what is important for us, what is central to be in harmony.

I have created this ritual especially for this purpose:

1. In this circle I have collected 12 stones representing the 12 zodiac signs and the influence of the planets, I am really into planets with the program I am teaching now about Sirius, Orion, Lyra and more, to rediscover our Soul origins.

2. I sit within as the Sun, remembering that I am the Center of My universe, I am the Most Important Being in this World, I connect to my Highest Version.

3. I draw oracle cards, one for each direction following the Medicine Wheel to Honor the ancestors and the Elements. This Medicine Wheel is one of the most protective tools I use, you can know more about it in “Build your Temple in 7 days, in my book 365 days challenge with Oracle & Tarot for Busy souls”

4. I read the cards that came out for each direction, I used the intuitive deck created by Caroline Verdier “D’une Rive à l’Autre”

5. I make a spread inside the Wheel to receive messages from the spirits. In this spread I used the metaphoric cards called Yarn by Mama Shamana, they were showing me the importance of connection to the Spirit realm in difficult times and to be a Witness of the world outside and within us. Spirits put then seeds within me… I am so curious to see what trees would come out of me next month.

6. After this circle, I look around and start seeing new things, news faces in the stones as if everything becomes alive. I realize that the world is bigger than I thought, there are many other beings living with us, we just need to shift our vibes and vision… And a new reality appears.

I hope this will be fun for you, and I would love to know how will be your ritual, what seeds will the spirits seed within you?

So please share it with us in our Instagram

Much love,

Ouassima Issrae :

Video and Pictures by Ulyana :

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