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Pholarchos TarotCreated by: Carmen SorrentiPublished & Distributed By Arnell's Art


This is a powerful deck created from an artist's free spirit and well-travelled, imaginative dreamworld. A thoughtful and compelling offering that invites those of us open to its visions, to explore the deepest parts of our psyche. I am delighted and honored to be part of the production and distribution of Carmen Sorrenti's intriguing work.

Deck Set Details
The sturdy cards have a soft sheen and are of good size, comfortable for shuffling and seeing details. Black borders set off the powerful art elegantly. The card backs have a lovely winged spirit, connected to the Hermit card's symbology (not reversible, shown towards bottom of this page).

The 40 page, soft covered book is a captivating companion. Both deck & book (3.5 x 5 in) fit snuggly in the 2 piece box. The booklet shares poetic passages of Carmen's imaginings along with her deep understanding of Tarot, alchemy, mythology, dreamwork and astrology. The booklet has color images of the Sun and Moon as well as a few full-page color images scattered amongst her musings and descriptions. In the introduction Carmen shares a bit of her personal journey and inspirations for creating this deck. Here's a snippet:

The mythic imagination is expansive, able to hold contradiction, mystery, metamorphosis. The imaginal is real and needs tending—it is our relation to it that can be more or less fantastical. Humans have always looked to myth, dream, theater, story to find a sense of meaning and guidance. Prediction can be diminutive while story opens understanding and possibility, a way of working with one’s destiny and patterns. Liz Greene reflects that “like all symbolic systems, tarot is about patterns rather than events”. These cards are an attempt to open inspiration, a possible experience of an archetype that invites personal investigation into life’s depths.


Alchemical language is scattered through the cards, as is its fundamental sense of timing signaled but not dictated by the planets measuring the sky. This is a world of correspondences and how could the soul not be part of this communal language? Within this, according to passion and inclination, alchemists have always taken the freedom to experiment with their art when seeking to make gold or an authentic self.


The booklet is written in an evocative, poetic style that invites us to ponder and muse over card meanings, perhaps finding ourselves within them or discovering new perspectives. 


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PHOLARCHOS TAROT by Carmen Sorrenti


* 78 card Tarot Deck, Limited 1st Edition
* Art Medium: Acrylic Paintings, Sketches
* Card size: 3.5 x 5 inches - 8.9 by 12.7 cm
* Cardstock: Sturdy (350 GSM), Semi-Gloss Finish
* Borders: Black
* Card Backs: Unique Design (non-reversible), Shown Below
*Set Includes: 78 Cards, Booklet, Sturdy 2-Piece Box
*Booklet: Soft cover, 40 Pages, (3.5 x 5 in.)
* Majors: Have Familiar Titles
* Justice: 8 and Strength: 11
* Court Cards: Dreamer (Page), Trail (Knight), Queen & King
* Suits: Sparks (Wands), Coral (Cups), Wings (Swords) and Spirals (Discs)
* ISBN: 978-1-5323-6489-1

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